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We believe that working as a global team and embracing different cultures will become universal and mainstream. Work with us today!

About Us

Universal Work Hub

Universal Work Hub (UWH) is a human resource platform that simplifies hiring and employee management for remote tech startups. Founded in North America by a remote team of tech industry veterans with a global network, UWH connects startups with a global talent pool while cultivating a dynamic remote-work culture. It also allows for efficient employee onboarding, enabling startups to effortlessly integrate top-tier talent worldwide and accelerate their growth in a global digital era.


You’ll be in the good hands of a team of tech and HR veterans supported by licensed recruiting agencies.


We’ll handle all the time-consuming HR tasks, so you can focus on building your startup.


Our efficient global HR and hiring process can help you hire the right talent globally, potentially saving up to 40% on HR and hiring costs.

Globally Connected

We can get you connected with a global, highly qualified talent pool and foster long-term partnerships.

What We Do


> Talent Search
> Screening
> Interviews
> Recommendation

Employee Onboarding

> Background Check
> Employee Contracts
> Company Culture Sync
> Hardware and Software Set Up

HR & Legal Services

> Accounting
> Payroll and Benefits
> Employer of Record
> Local Entity Set Up

Continuous Support

> Employee Assessment
> Client Feedback
> Runway Estimate
> Additional Hiring

Our Team

Managing Director

Leo Wang

Chief Marketing Lead

Cloris Li

Head of HR

Ken Jiang

Head of Sales

Sean Cooper

Operation Lead

Xi Weng

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